Org: Witte de With's Morality Project act IX: Let's Compare Mythologies, Witte de With, Rotterdam. At the Norwegian Church Abroad, 18th. of June 2010.

Baktruppen are in trouble, and trouble brought us to the Norwegian Church Abroad in Rotterdam to meet with God, his clergymen and the audience through a dog. We were warmly welcomed with waffles and coffee, but the dog were not. To waffle means to talk bullshit, and even though dog mirror GoD DoG were not allowed to enter the Church. Now, Baktruppen also make reflections; as underdogs we’ve stuck our noses into bullshit and other shit businesses for years, and we ask ourself; where is the dog buried? 

The performance First Waffle, then Morality started in the Church's living room with a waffle eating competition. Six competitors ate 5 x 5 wafflehearts with strawberryjam for the grand first prize: a brand new i-phone. With an Organ Prelude and the howls of Trouble & and the Singing Underdogs the Church doors were opened and the audience entered. Dog himself held a speech of dog greatness from the stairs outside. A Split garden hose & two blowers Melodica played as all proceeded behind the church to bury Trouble, and while digging there was a boneflute and ukulele concert. The grave was marked with a sign in Dutch "Hier is de hond begraven". 

         This was a friday. The following sunday before mass the Church chose to dig Trouble up again. God knows where it is now.


By and with: Ingvild Holm, Per Henrik Svalastog, Bo Krister Wallström and Worm Winther. With: Nils Henrik Asheim and Yngvar Larsen.
Co-produced by LUCM & Witte de With.
Supported by Arts Council Norway.