The head is a drag when it tries to divide Evil and Good in two seperate sides. It's a pleasure to put it another way: Good things hurt for the one who can't pay.
Snake gall wine and death of a rabbit - Evil does good for the one who affords it. Pleasure is, until you loose your mood, Good as gold, and better than food.

VERY GOOD is based on 4 productions of Baktruppen (The Bar) from autumn 1996 and the performance GOOD GOOD VERY GOOD with L&O Amsterdam from 1997:

GOOD*: Music for Alcoholics. Chinese restaurant music, prepared. The Bar does the warm up for Extended Organ - Paul McCarthy Band featuring Mike Kelley, Stratos, Oslo, Aug. 1996.

GOOD: 10 years on 4 days. TheBar hires a stand and writes the stories of Baktruppen, BOOK -96, Oslo. Published by Kolon Forlag.

VERY: Sami and Chinese dance theater, Gallery Otto Plonk, Bergen, 6 performances in Nov. 1996.

GOOD: Insolvent ghosts, an exhibition; Erik Balke's unpaid bills sold, Gallery Struts, Oslo, Des.-96

GOOD GOOD VERY GOOD: A performance for Unity of people and conditions, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen.
Also at De Brakke Grond-Amsterdam, STUC-Leuven, Limelight-Kortrijk, Kunstnernes Hus-Oslo, Finnmark: Alta, Lakselv, Kautokeino, Karasjok, Kirkenes, M/S Midnatsol, and Tromsø Kunstforening-Tromsø, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Chapter Art Centre-Cardiff, Centre for Contemporary Arts-Glasgow.


VERY GOOD performances:
19.-21.07.2002: Encontros Acarta, the Modern Art Centre, Lisbon, Portugal
22.06.2002: Baltoscandal, Rakvere, Estland
05/06.02.2000: Reykjavik, Nordic House
12/13.08.99: Stadsteatern, Stockholm.
08.05.99: Theatre Corner, Helsinki Act.

Erik Balke, Ingvild Holm, Trine Falch, Bo Krister Wallström, Jørgen Knudsen and Worm Winther.

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