In 1995 BAK-TRUPPEN went to join the Chinese, and greeted them with the demonstration WE AGREE. In return we got a lamp, shaped as a Chinese character. We didn’t know what it ment, so we asked a China man, and he said: GOOD GOOD VERY GOOD.
China made Baktruppen feel few, just like the Sami people, so when we returned, we wanted to share our experiences. L&OAmsterdam joined us in the performance GOOD GOOD VERY GOOD, and the 25th of May 1997 we sent a letter to the Sami Parliament:

Dear President of the Sami Parliament

We hereby have a proposition to make: up to now, the Sami people have joined forces with all the other indigenous peoples on the Earth. That may be the wrong strategy in the long run - if you see what has happened to their cultures, and think about what will happen to them in the future.
It could be wise to join forces with cultures that have survived for a long time. Although the Aboriginals, for instance, have kept their cultures going for maybe 40000 years, most of their work on this Earth is forgotten by now. But if you turn your heads around, to have a look at the Chinese, you will see that their culture has been developing, with lots of ups and downs, for aproximately 5000 years, which is a long time span, in our view. Therefore we think, and you should consider this, that you should join forces with the Chinese.

Yours sincerly

In April this year we went up north to meet Sami brothers and sisters. But the Sami people did not believe our good intentions, and made us feel European, just like the Frenchmen.

In October GOOD GOOD VERY GOOD will be performed at the Shanghai Experimental Theatre Festival and Hong Kong Art Centre.

Co-prod.: Teather am Turm - Frankfurt, STUC - Leuven, L&OAmsterdam og BAK-TRUPPEN. Supported by EU’s Caleidoscope program.

BAK-TRUPPEN: Erik Balke, Øyvind Berg, Ingwill Holm, Trine Falch, Jørgen Knudsen, Gurå Mathiesen, Bo Krister Wallstrøm og Worm Winther. The group is working continously and in project where the members partisipate in all parts of the production and presentation.

L&OAmsterdam: Anneke Bonnema og Hans Petter Dahl.
Dutch/Norwegian group based in Amsterdam.

Last Updated: 13-Oct-98