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When BAK-TRUPPEN introduced Hong Kong it was as a state of complete happiness. Last autumn we turned Hong Kong into a fortnight's experience. There we started a double game: A film and a corresponding series of performances.

During the stay BAK-TRUPPEN exchanged money and good spirits with the Chinese. The Chinese said: "When even ok things can lead to something Good - think about how much good a real Evil can release!" BAK-TRUPPEN contribut

This spring we will prepare sound- and video-recordings, texts and souvernirs into a performance. BAK-TRUPPEN will meet in Oslo in April and later go to Europe for the final realization of INSOLVENT GHOSTS. It will be presented for the first time in May, and appear in various shapes until the Hong Kong/China reunion in July 1997.


The head is a drag when
Evil and Good in two separate sides
It's a pleasure to put it another way:
Good things hurt for the one who can't pay.

Snake gall wine and death of a rabbit - 
Evil does good for the one who affords it.
Pleasure is, until you loose your mood,
Good as gold, and better than foo


A rabbit
A cockerel
A doll
A kidney
The neighbour
The bedstraw
Miss Time
The Ghost I
The Ghost II
Old Outburst
Karasjok (N)
A happy childhood
The Royal Hong Kong Police Force
The Inopportunity
William Nygaard
Bruce Lee
A miracle
An anthill
The Pill
The war between two Empires
The sperm-squirt
An antipode
A fresh example

Hong Kong brought BAK-TRUPPEN to early renaissance Italy or late renaissance London or Amsterdam. The performance is an antipodial comedy, in the sense that there's a happy ending.

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