I woke up at five in the morning
in a white-painted garage
the garage was filled with grey filthy water
in the middle of the room
I saw a white scooter
I realized that I had to start the dirty Vespa
to get out of the garage
I found the keys in my pocket
and turned on the ignition
it took a while but then it started
and grey smoke began to burst out of the water
I started to drive towards the door
but the key in the ignition was also the key to the door
you see what I mean
this is my favourite Sami free-bag dream
the door was the type that opens upward
I did it and the water and I was flushed out
outside the light was extremely white
I didn't know if it was winter or summer
but I felt kind of warm
I knew I could just drive around a little
to dry up and then my hair would flutter
a beautiful woman of my age was standing there
together with a beautiful teenage girl
looking at me
I drove a little back and forth to show myself
then I realized the front wheel was missing

Last Updated: 14.02.98