BAK-TRUPPEN / L&O Amsterdam outside the Sami (Samediggi) Parliament, Karasjok - 13.04.98

We hereby have a proposition to make: to now, the Sami people have joined forces with all the other indigenous peoples on the Earth. That may be the wrong strategy in the long run - if you see what has happened to their cultures, and think about what will happen to them in the future.

It couId be wise to join forces with cuItures that have survived for a long time. Although the Aboriginals, for instance, have kept their cultures going for maybe 40000 years, most of their work on this Earth is forgotten by now. But if you turn your heads around, to have a look at the Chinese, you will see that their culture has been developing, with lots of ups and downs, for aproximately 5000 years, which is a long time span, in our view. Therefore we think, and you should consider this, that you should join forces with the Chinese.

Yours sincerely BAK-TRUPPEN and L&O AMSTERDAM



Last Updated: 3-Nov-98