the lamp

When we left Hong Kong autoumn 95 our hostess, Cecilie Gamst Berg, came up with a brand new chinese proverb.


Skal det være stamtavlen som avgjør hvem som er same?


Dear president of the Sami Parliament.
We hereby have a proposition to make:

Erik Balke's favourite sami freebag dream: 

is named after a lamp we bought in China, and is buildt on 4 productions from 1996:
From the show

GOOD: music for alcoholics, theBAR is support act for Mike Kelly / Extended organ, UKS/Oslo Rockfestival, Stratos, Oslo.
Further developed in the spring 1997 to the CD COME ON EVERYBODY.

GOOD: 10 years in 4 days - theBAR is writing The histories of BAK-TRUPPEN, BOK-96, Oslo.

VERY: antipodic dancetheatre, gallery OTTO PLONK, Bergen.

GOOD: Erik Balke's unpaid bills sold at gallery STRUTS, Oslo.
BAK-TRUPPEN in front of the Chinese Wall

Co-prod: TAT, Frankfurt, STUC, Leuven, L&Oamsterdam, BIT, Bergen og BAK-TRUPPEN.
The show is supported by the EU Caleidoskope-program.


Last Updated: 19/06/02