I - I - The chairs
Wär ich wie du. Wärst du wie ich. Standen wir nicht unter einem Passat? Wir sind fremde. Wi-wi-wi-wi-wir tun nicht als ob sie ni-ni-ni-ni-nicht anwesend wäre... Si-si-sie sind für u-uns lebenswichtig...weil sie anwe-we-wesend sind. Sie sind will-will-komm-komm-men-men-men.

When I was a small schoolboy I had to go skiing with my teatcher up in the mountain near Bergen, but it’s not so often it’s good weather for skiing on the west coast, because it’s good in the beginning of the day and then comes rain and storm and once we came up to this mountain it just began to storm and rain. When we went into this landscape. The teacher was very sportsmad. So he said to us children ; now it’s storm, we have to take this corkscrew route down the hill, the other way is too far. It was very , very steep. All of us children tried to come down that way, with one ski, one stick, then it came skis down without children on, children without skis. It was terrible on this ice and stones among these small trees. We came down, all of us children, OK. My teacher, he broke his leg three times on his way down. I never go skiing in the nature after that.

Notice the way the meat is connected to the sceleton. With a body like that it takes hours to cover long distances. Only my voice or my picture can quite quickly be everywhere.


II - YOU - Alcestes

I can hear myself, but I can’t see you.

Now I know, that to grow up is like going into a new room, and the door is shut behind you.

Exampel of Alcestes cause (excerpts), Brussel 19.02.1992:
So did you die in the flower of your youth.
Too much evil has been spoken, now and before.
Loving a dead person makes tears.
This is indeed drinking in the sunshine.
It’s evening, I’m on a journey. Maybe my last.
Loving a dead person makes tears.
Won’t you marry?
All men have to pay. Cheer up, drink, reckon the days yours as you live them.
I think I am.
IDo you understand the nature of mortality? I suppose you don’t. Why should you, but listen to me: all men have to pay their debts.
Split the lark and find the song.
I see the floor aproaching.
I die glorious, maybe.
Do you see this light?
Alcestes was first time acted in 438 BC. The problem is: Is it right for a man to let another man die for him?


III - WE- Bim Bam Bom
A man was desired to rise from bed, because the sun was already risen. To this he replied: ?If I had so far to go and so much to do as he has, I should have been risen by now. But since I have just a little way to go, I will not rise yet?.


What does he mean? What does he mean?
Give us a kind of clue!
What does he mean? What does he mean?
What is he going to do?

To the one who hasn’t tasted calamare yet I couldn’t tell the taste.


Eine echte Himmelsgabe ist das Licht des Auges. Alle Wesen leben von Licht.


IV - IT - Dance
I would like to tell you about a music project we in BAK-truppen did about a year ago, end of January -91. We had our adaptation of one of Bachs Brandenburg concertoes, and we made a digital recording of that through a sequenser. This we did in Oslo, Norway. Then it was brought to Berlin and orchestrated for different instruments, violins and celloes. Before I explain how this project developed, I play a little excerpt of this sound recording: - It’s between 3 and 4 minutes long, so I make a little excerpt. We sent this recording to Bergen, in Norway, through telephone wire, and it was recorded with a microphone into the speaker of the telephone and then connected to a cassette player. And when it arrived Bergen it sounded like this: - Then this recording was sent across the Atlantic Ocean to Quebec in Canada. There it was recorded on an answering phone and it sounded like this: - Then this recording was sent across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo. There it also was recorded on an answering phone. But unfortunately we don’t have that recording because it was erased ...........it wasn’t enough tape on the cassette, a c-10 or - It might be. But before it was erased it was sent back to Berlin, the origin of this run. So when it arrived Berlin it was recorded, as in Bergen, with a microphone to the speaker of the telephone, on a cassette player, and now it sounds like this: -


V - THIS- Pulse

The thought of finding the pulse in walking makes walking difficult. While this pulse is not like the ticking of a clock. There is physical tension and relaxation in it. Unfortunately we often lose this effortless continuity when learning to keep time in music. We stiffen in our anxious determination, and as a result our muscles become rigid and practically useless.

A weight. Fifty kilo sacks, yes. He put one under each arm and one on each shoulder and one on his neck. That makes 250 kilos, doesn’t it? But then he felt his back give. He was very strong.


VI - WHO - Mask
The Atlantic humming disappears and the fools change to sivilians.

VII - WHAT - Stories
Todays poem, soem ex.: “blah, blah, blah, blah, moon/blah, blah, blah, above/blah, blah, blah, blah, tune/blah, blah, blah, blah, love” (1.07. 1991); “The little chinese hedgehog-dog/was eaten by a bigger frog/which banged into a car I drove: This is not a song of love.” (23.07.1991); “Among the desires, some are natural and necessary, others are natural but not necessary, and then we have those desires which are neither natural nor necessary. They come from nothing.” (20.02.1992)


VIII - NOT - Song
DOLORIMETER: Dolor rubor tumor calor hei! Dolor rubor tumor calor hei!

A low sun, no flowers. A stone on top of dad.

It’s a heart full of pain.

Well, said I - the war was like a long goodbye to baby’s eyes. The deep must be hidden! Where? On the surface!

There is not one who won the war we fought - there is not one who thought the light we brought to sight was caught in lullabies and fucking eyes.

Between falling and love. I do this to hurt the pain - the last unconscious day. I do this to hurt the pain - the last unconscious day...

Dust increase my lust. And your breasts quivering still - and see the roses trembling on the sill: In endless mornings cold and clear - it is good to lie here.


IX - ALL- Culturegeography
Men born in hot countries love the night because it refreshes them. They are horrored of the light because it burns them. Therefore they are of the colour of night, which is black. In cold contries it’s just the contrary.

And now the scientists have proved, that the things we remember best are the bright things.

Ich bin ein Neger.

“There are five themes to national anthems...” - Norwegian version: Nasjonalsanger har fem tema: 1)krig, f.eks. det kinesiske “la oss gjenreise den lange mur av blod og kjøtt”; 2)den enestående herskeren, bl.a. Maharaja Dhiraja - “den galante nepaleser”; 3)det romantiske landskapet, svenskenes “fjällhöga nord” etc.; 4)folket og 5)enhet, frihet o.s.v. I tillegg har vi den grønlandske nasjonalsangen, som besverger muligheten til å bli dansk.

I’d like to tell you a little story about sport. There was a wrestler named Arrachion. Once in a match he was strangled to death. But in the same moment, he broke his opponent’s toe so painfully that the opponent surrendered. Thus the victory was Arrachion’s. As far as I know, he is the only one who has got the laurel wreath - oder die Ehrekranz - directly onto his dead body.

Alle aufstehen, spielen - spontan!


X - MANY - Distance


XI - ONE - Woyzek
Do do dol 1 2 3 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Do do dol 1 2 3 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Do do dol 1 2 3 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 do do dol 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

So it really did get under your skin?
We are not talking about my skin, we are talking about yours. I am offering you a chance to save it.
To exchange it?
I observe.
If you don’t mind, I’m going.
Just a second, you!
Stay away from me, let go of me. Stay away from me, let go of me.
Save the tears.
You just get back.
“Hey, listen - we can’t get involved in this.”

I have eaten this coin.