Hun åpna øyet og fjerna englebærsjen.

13. mai

Disse orda hører vi

dette støvet sniffer vi

hvor ligger landet?

Det ekle lille rasshølet

i labratoriefrakk

hadde hue fylt av ord

som skulle stagge en

staut purk.


The emergency exit

lead to nowhere,

I think.


If I should suddenly start

to sing or stand on my head

- or anything

dont think I've lost my senses.

I come from Norway

it«s very strange

dutch beer seems to be

rather female

Love is no longer equated

with lust; there is no

mention of our blody nature

and our raging motions

are reduced to chuvstevennost


1. juli

Dagens rekkefølge: Wozzeck, dansen, Alkestes, stol, sang, puls, fravær, kulturgeografi, lys, historie, maske.

blah, blah, blah, blah, moon

blah, blah, blah, above

blah, blah, blah, blah, tune

blah, blah, blah, blah, love

8. juli

: puls, maske, fravær, sang, stolene, Wozzek, historien, lyset, Alcestes, dans. kulturgeo.

Not content to take on nose-

jobs and facelifts, some ear

and nose specialists are

now “moving down the body”,

dr. Christ said.

International herald tribune

the 8th of july 1991.

9. juli

: Alkestes, dans, stolene, sang, lyset, maske, wozzeck, fravær, kult.geo., hist., puls.

Lauter leise leute

Im amfang war das wort

ich möchte gern wissen, was

das für ein wort war

im anfang das wort scheisse.

In memoriam - lyset som forsvant.

20. mai

The rats swam into his

head all the time

it didn't disturb him at all.

The cat will never stop playing,

and one night I crush it's head

with my elbow and go to this

archeologilal sell-out, to get hold

at a little plastic doll

before the beggers beg

from me may mony.


: dans, wozzeck, maske, lys, stolene, kulturgeo., alkestes, fravær, lys inn, sang, puls, hist.

I don't feel this will change

I don't want any thing

or person, familiar or strange.

I don't think I will sing.

5. sep. Zürich

: puls, sang, fravær, lys, wozzek, alkestes, lys inn, hist., stol, maske, dans, kulturgeo.

After the white snow

you get the yellow snow

then the green, the blue

and finally the black,

the negative snow.

6. sep.

: wozzek, stol, dans, hist., sang, lys, fravær, alkestes, puls, lys inn, kulturgeo., maske

It will be worse

if we wait for dŒn.

Let us die in the


7. sep.

: fravær, alkestes, lys, maske, kult, wozzek, lys inn, dans, sang, puls, host, stol.

Hesten krevde flere ofre når

den strøk hodet sitt inntil mitt,

følte jeg tre motstridende følelser,

kravet om hevn, frihet

og dårlig samvittighet.

18. sep. Felix Meritis

: hist, lys ut, puls, stol lys inn, sang, fravær, maske, kult.geo., dans, wozzek, alkestes.

19. sep.

: dans, wozzeck, fravær, kult.geo., puls, stol, lys ut, hist, sang, lys inn, maske, alkestes.

The later the better

- that's what progress means:

I was born too early,

the world is not yet clear!

That is how I thought and sat

down on my chair.

20. sep.

: sang, wozzeck, kult, fravær, lys, dans, lys inn, maske, alkestes, stolene, puls, hist.


: lys, lys inn, stol, puls, hist, alkestes, maske, dans, wozzeck, kult, sang, fravær.

come. I have nothing to tell you

come. I have nothing to say

come. I have nothing to sell you

come. Why don't you come

11.okt.Black Box

: dans, hist, sang, stol, fravær, maske, lys, wozzeck,puls, lys inn, kult, alkestes.

12.okt. Black Box

: stolene, alkestes, lys, dans, lys inn, puls, maske, hist, sang, kult, fravær, wozzweck.

Jeg har feber

det er fullmåne

jeg synker ned i et

hjørne og kuler'n

13.okt. kl.15.00

: puls, wozzeck, fravær hist, sang, dans, lys, alkestes, lys inn, maske, kult., stol.

Tenk på de som

levde før at

de mørkla alt

de forsto.

13.okt. Black Box. kl. 21.00

: sang, dans, wozzeck, hist, lyset, fravær, lyset inn, kult, alkestes, maske, stol, puls.

Jeg fornekter tanken

jeg får til å ta et skritt fram.

Jeg klør

Jeg lyncher gammer'n

jeg bedrar, jeg går igjennom.

Jeg eier ikke navn.

13. feb.-92, Kaai Theater

Whitout flies

no humanity


Young people dislike

history, it makes

them feel what

they are, cheap.


In the dark

in the quiet hous

his eyes were wide open.

20.feb. Leuven

Among the desires, some are natural and necessary, others are natural but not necessary, and then we have those desires which are neither natural nor necessary. they come from nothing.


You say

you whant it all

you call

you want to fall

I make it

more or less.

I'm just a little bit distressed.

Im Anfang war das Wort.

Ich möchte gern wissen, was das für ein Wort war.

Im Anfang das Wort Scheisse?

Alle får fravær av pappa

ingen får penger av gud

With that little human touch

you don't understand so much.

With a cruel smile on your lips

you give me the creeps.

20.nov. -92, Berlin

Von Menschen, die ich gut kenne, lass ich mir gerne immer wieder dieselben Gescnichten erzämlen,

Besonders wenn diese Geschichten jedesmal et was anders lauten.

Die Ubrigen sind mir Schauspieler, die thre Rolle zu gut gelernt haben, ich glaube ihnen nichts.

The later the better - that's what progress means.

I was born to early, the world is not clear! That is how I thought and sat down on my chair.

If thought is life

And strength & breath,

And the want

of thought is death;

Then am I

A happy fly,

If I live Or if I die.

This poet who couldn't write

should make me a poem tonight

but, as i said,

his pen lay dead.

The little chinese hedgehog - dog

was eaten by a bigger frog

which banged into a car i drove. This is not a song of love.

To all the mute fishes and all the mute men

who never - ever will speak again.

With that little human touch

you don't understand so much.

With a cruel smile on you lips

you give me the creeps.

updated: 18-Oct-98