Goederenstation Zuid, Antwerpen, 09.11.93.

Intro m/



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HP: (helium) Ladies and gentlemen

Worm: I am green

I am at a stone quay by the sea. My age is unclear, but younger than today, I think. There are two wooden house on the quay; a big white one from the 17. century.

There are some people there, I suppose friends or family.

The other house is not so big, and it is painted red.

I go into the red house. It«s full of old things and tool, as in a cellar or a boat-house. Grandfather was fiddling around with different things in the room. He wears a sailor-pullover and a captain-cap.

I ask if I can inherit the red house with “everything” inside.

This room which I am in together with my grandfather is exactly the same as the basement of another white house, a captain house, which lies a little retired.

In the dream I just notice this house.

Between the captain-house and another house, a small wooden house nearby the forest

goes a single path. I go into the small house which also is white. It is nearly empty. Only a few things, among them an old clock, stand together in one part of the room.

My parents and my brother are inside the house too, and they are as old as I was when I was a teenager - I have the same age as today.

My mother tells me why the things have to stand the way they are: it is because they are not to be seen from the outside when we are not there, so that it could not be seen from the public path which goes through the wood (far away from the house, really) on one side the house.

The house starts to rock, so we have to stand like a sailor does not to fall when the sea is rough.

My brother and I go up a narrow stair to the attic. I go down again and out. The house is still rocking.

On one side of the house a ditch has been dug by my faher and the ditch had become rocking quicksand and the house was in it.

My brother came out of the house and went into the quicksand. I screamed that he should not do it, he did not listen, but managed to get his feet on some pieces of wood that rocked very strongly up and down.

He came out of the quicksand, went up on a heap and disappeared into the woods.

I began to care for some flowers and leaves along the chingle-path. Some neighbours arrived, they came up the chingle-path that runs through our property, looking like they did when I was a child - in the early 60«s.

As an excuse for entering the property they bring up a piece of paper and ask for the direction to the neighbour's house. I thought that if they really were the neightbours, they would know the way.

I got very agressive, and told them to hurry up and get out of the property, that means passing the small house and trough the gate back to the public path.

I go into the same little house. Outside the window the neighbours has started to play badminton.

....happy playing ping pong....made in Hong Kong......

In a rough landscape of small stone-rises with grass on. I went out to have a look at them; husband and wife and the sister, they are in the fifties, as I remember them, I am still in my present age. Slowly the landscape changes into a park-constructor, a huge lawn with blue and white tents in the end of it. The neighbours have changed their clothes. They are now in tennis suits. They are playing badminton and making choreographic movements with their bodies and racket as they continue to play badminton.

I had a dream that made me happy (solo applause)


And this is the reason


And this is the reason why I«m smiling.



It's cold in here, so I suggest we take a heat-break. We switch on the heaters and we do some dances.




( O«solemio, rulleskyting, peers h¿ner)

ikk keikt u an

u keikt me an

o man oman wat siet u er an

o crhe hept mei ve credan

ikkv”re dick gerne frŒ

van das ikk niit geselen han

no si alle trore sΠvi mchte ikk eine denne lan

ikken volte freyide durch si miden

aus behalte ikk vŒl ihr holde

das sis lasen ane nit

vant ikk gelache ni-mer nit

da es ir dekeiner sit

es tot mir ineklichen ve

als ikk gedenke vess man flakk

in der verlte vilent e

o ve deich niit færgessen mac

vi rete frΠdi lyte varen

dŒ kunde ein sælik man gebaren

onde spilte im sin hertse gein

der vynek-lichen tsit sŒll das

nimer mer gesceen

sΠmyet mej das iks haan geseen

Favreste Konvovel, fiin

som en Serafs Aandedræt,

fanget som en Cherubin

i en Blomsters Maskenet,

i en d¿d Blaaklokkes Liin,

du er min Elisabeth,

Hyasinths Tilh¿rerinde,

som ham kunde bedst forstaee,

med de store ¯jne blaae

af sin Tro aldeles blinde.

..Institute here from now on....


Ladies and Gentlemen

Åpningsakkorden fra A hard days night

I hereby have the honour of announcing (the dream that has been fullfilled)

....... what do you want.......



We know what it is

and we know time

and we know that everything is really fine

Smell little clouds

I see them at your skin

Your skin is like a flower


where is it now

the feeling that makes me so glad

Opening night

what a sight


True youth is the sweetest age

poor age is a dying thing

old things smell funny

Fun can«t lie

Aha ha catchooky choo shhhhhh

Fun can«t lie

I«m the merry savage

I`m happy to my bone

I don«t improve

I don«t recall

My head is squaere

My life«s a ball

My mind has gone away ho-hey

for an eternal holiday

I don«t know where

I don«t know why

it«s first hello and then goodbye.


Ik keikt u an

u keikt me an

o man o man wat siet u er an

o he hrept me ve credan

SHOA (Stor ulykke)

Special train
There are no tracks

i didnt know what was going on

the train will arrive in a moment

when, I ........

there are no tracks

I'm happy

are you happy

are you happy

i didn't know what was going on

nomal trains

I am happy

are you happy

MUSIKK: (smoke on the water)

(the little negro)

(fyrverkeri i rommet bak BAK-TRUPPEN, vises samtidig pΠmonitor i baren)

(Alle Œpningene)


Ladies and gentlemen

I have a dream, I have dream that made me happy

and that is the reason, and that is the reason why I'm smiling

ladies and gentlemen x 2

i hereby have the honour of announcing the institute of happyness reseach

let me introdjus to you




(more applause)