BAKTRUPPEN EVALUATION TEAM: 21st. & 22nd. of June at European Centre for the Arts Hellerau, Dresden.

In april Baktruppen traveled to Malta to check out De la Rue Malta, the largest money printing factory in the world. De la Rue print money for 160 countries, ours included. This is what happened:
- Pling.
- Yes, what can I do for you?
- Hello, we are the theatre company Baktruppen from Norway. We wonder if we could have a tour inside the factory?
- Madam, I can tell you immediately that that is not possible.
- Could it be possible if we came back at another time?
- No, I'm sorry.
- Could it be possible if we get a special permission?
- I don't think so. This is a high security factory.
- Could we pay some money to get in?
- No.
- Ok. Thank you very much. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

IDresden we were invited to find out "What is value". In order to measure and increase the value of the festival as a whole, BAKTRUPPEN EVALUATION TEAM created a Money Pool. The audience was asked to help us find the Gross Artistic Product (GAP) by giving one € to one of the 22 performances. Then Baktruppen levered this value by 10 and painted a piece of the diagram blue. To color the pool and to help them choose, thereby making the GAP grow, we gave resymées from the 21 other performances, and spoke about money matters, our universal unit of measurement. All in all, the audience gave 99 €, triggering 990 € from Baktruppen, which make a GAP of 1.089 €, the sum total given back to the festival.