Baktruppen, 1998.

One of the most storied Norwegian breeding oxes is 0838 Storm Kvakkestad.He was born at the farm Kvakkestad, just outside Oslo in 1962 - which makes him one of our generation. Already in 1967 he was elected to the Ox of the Year, but in the beginning of the seventies it was discovered that he had a minor genetic defect, and that's why he is forgotten by now. Paradise is forgetting. Baktruppen knits the world new as paradise. Baktruppen knits cowshed and art together, and that makes baktruppen.org paradise, and all we require is more knitting wool. If we are not here, the production goes on in your mind.

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Other productions connected to KVAKK:

August98: FOLLOW COLOR: vernacular reggea video, Oslo, Lillehammer.
22.08.98: SITE PACIFIC: performance jam with knitting machine, HKS,Bergen.
04.09.98: ENTER AND DIE: reggea jam, Blå, Oslo.
02.10.98: STORM KVAKKESTAD, at Worm Winther's home, Oslo.
14.11.98: STORM KVAKKESTAD, Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff,Iconoclastic Theatre Season.
31.12.98: SHAREWARE TO HEAVEN, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong.
16.02.99: STORM KVAKKESTAD, Samtidskunstforum Art Gallery, Oslo.
17.02.99: STORM KVAKKESTAD, Samtidskunstforum Art Gallery, Oslo.
27.02.99: STORM KVAKKESTAD, Samtidskunstforum Art Gallery, Oslo.
03.05.99: Kammerspiele, Theater Låbeck.
06.05.99: Theatre Corner, Helsinki Act.
11.06.00: Kvakk på jordet, Tynes Nedre, Levanger.

Participants: Erik Balke, Øyvind Berg, Harald Fetveit, Ingvild Holm, Trine Falch Johannessen, Jørgen Knudsen, Gurå Mathiesen, Bo Krister Wallström, Worm Winther.

Supported by: Chapter Art Centre, Norsk Kulturråd, Bergen Kommune.

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