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In relationship to the Neanderthals, we ask the questions and they never answer, though they were able to speak. Their brains were bigger than ours, and we don't know what they knew. They buried their dead and played the flute 100 000 years ago, and we don't remember the tune. The Neanderthals were living side by side with ordinary people for 30 000 years. Still authorities claim they didn't mix. It is impossible to live for 30 000 years without fucking. Nobody survives 30 000 years without children. Children are new humans. "Neander" means "The New Human". The first Neanderthal was found in Neandertal, a picturesque valley where the river Dussel. As a consequence of Industrialization, the steep hills of Neandertal were lowered more than 100 meters. In 1856, two Italian workers discovered some rough bones in a cave, or rather a tunnel: open in both ends, like history. The picture shows Baktruppen, 30 meters below that very tunnel, which is now spaced out in all directions.

Worm Winther-Øyvind Berg
The truth-Worm Winther
Identity-Ingvild Holm
Arkansas-John Hegre
The mother-Gisle Frøysland
Universe-John Hegre
Skeleton-Ingvild Holm
Technology-Gisle Frøysland
Jupiter-Gisle Frøysland
Ingvild Holm-Per Henrik Svalastog
Stand up-John Hegre
Evolution-Trine Falch Johannessen
Scientist-Per Henrik Svalastog
Plum-Ingvild Holm
The white man-Jørgen Knudsen
The skin-Trine Falch Johannessen
Pong-Øyvind Berg
Ping-Ingvild Holm
Focus-Trine Falch Johannessen
Society-Per Henrik Svalastog
Absence-Jørgen Knudsen
Yes and no-Worm Winther
Stones-Worm Winther
Big bang-Ingvild Holm
The cage-Øyvind Berg
The egg-Trine Falch Johannessen
Semen-Per Henrik Svalastog
The truth-Per Henrik Svalastog
Language-Worm Winther
Identity-Trine Falch Johannessen
Difference-Øyvind Berg
The thing-Ingvild Holm
Homo Egg Egg

Performances: 30-31.01.2002 - Teglverksgata, Oslo. 28-29-30.11.2002 - Nordic Scene, Kaaitheater, Brussel. 04.04.03 - Perfect Performance, Stockholm. 24-25.04.03 - BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen
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