FunnySorryJesus Rosa Luxembourg strasse, Berlin, 26th. to 29th. of June 2007. Org.: Sophiensæle

FunnySorryJesus Teatergaten, Bergen, Norway, 23rd. & 24th. of September 2006 at TIT. Org. BIT Teatergarasjen

FunnySorryJesus E6, Teaterhuset Avantgarden, Trondheim, Norway, 3rd. and 4th. of February 2006, org. Avantgarden.

FunnySorryJesus Tou, Tou Scene , Stavanger, Norway, 10th. &11th. of June 2005, org. Tou Scene.

FunnySorryJesus Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden, House of Culture, 24th. and 25th. of September 2004, org. Nordic Excellence.

FunnySorryJesus Zwevegeemsestraat, Kortrijk, Belgium, 27th. of November 2003, org. LIMELIGHT.