This is the naked truth: I won't ever eat my own shit. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and my digestion will never be turned upside down. I will always eat with my mouth and shit through my ass. My ass may eat shit, but it will eat shit from the inside. Everything else is a pleasure. We are in a state of No Madness. It's funny. Funny barbary. Our minds are shaved to fit with our tits. This is the naked truth. The sun goes through my body from the mouth and out of the ass. The sun is fighting through my intestines, my bowels and your guts, which all are curled like a snake. It fights its way through. It could be the opposite way round. But we're bound to..."Eurohæ?" is built upon recordings made by Dag Solstad, a famous novelist, from an interrail tour through Northern Europe.








EUROHÆ was shown in
Bergen (BIT/Danseteatret) 22. - 24.09.2000
Oslo (Gøteborggata  27) 13. - 14.10.2000
Høvleriet, Haugesund. 03.02.01
Kunstbanken, Hamar 30.03.01
Avantgarden, Trondheim 31.03.01
MS Vesterålen Rørvik-Brønnøysund 02.04.01
MS Vesterålen Svolvær-Stokmarknes.03.04.01
Tromsø Kunstforening 04.04.01
Porsgrunn (Grenland Friteater) 16.06.01
Black Box, Oslo 23.-25.08.01
Von Krahli Teater, Tallin 16. - 17.09.01
Riga, Homo Novus festival, Dream Factory 17. - 21.09.01
Helsinki, amorph 01.  23.09.01
Turku Art Academy 25.09.01
Localmotives, Gaffel og karaffel, Stavanger 29.09.01
Kampnagel, Hamburg 08. - 09.11.01
Participants: Øyvind Berg, Ingvild Holm, Trine Falch Johannessen, Jørgen Knudsen, Bo Krister Wallström, Worm Winther, Per Henrik Svalastog.

Co-prod: BIT Teatergarasjen.
Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, NKAF and Kulturbyen Bergen 2000The constant conflict between the innovative energy of the living, and the reconstructive energy of the dead are fighting for space. The dead are giving the living a hard time, history is present everywhere, impossible to shake it off: When dead the process of digestion is reversed and capitalist Europe will have to eat its own shit. (marit str¿mmen)


All photos by Sandra Jensen

Last Updated: 29-01-2002