Dagens Nyheter 02.05.04
Ørjan Arahamsson

Absolutely childish, absolutely not simple, rather a little ingenious. This pure, naivistic idé has a broad range. Like in all good performance one gets peppered by possible ways of interpretation between smiles, grins and roars of laughter.

Svenska Dagbladet, 02.05.04
Anna Ångström

The Norwegians in tights are back; a colourful chain of seven bodies creeping across the floor like a bulgy turquoise-orange reptile. Baktruppen are definitely no scenic newcomers, but they act like a bunch of happy children who frankly imitate the codes of modern dance and gymnastics without worrying about their physical limitations.

Aftonbladet   30.04.04
Tove Ellefsen Lysander

What the issue is this time, I would not say, but simply report that I have never seen anything like it. The seven performers are not dancers, but they sure do move, in a lively, absoloutly off-beat way and still strangly rhythmic, with somersaults, sprawling arms and movements which for certain end somewhere else than one would expect.

It is easy to admire a playfulness that with anarchist precision manages to steer clear of any approach to dicipline or demands for completion.