Erik Balke
Sofie Berntsen
Lisbeth J.Bodd
Morten Cranner
Trine Falch Johannessen
Harald Fetveit
Ingvild Holm
Mattias Härenstam
Finn Iunker
Jørgen Knudsen
Håkon Lindbäck
Tor Lindstrand
Martin Lundberg
Asle Nilsen
Année Olofsson
Ales Ree
Mårten Spångberg
Amanda Steggell
Per Henrik Svalastog
Death Waits
Jan Walaker
Bo Krister Wallström
Worm Winther
Johan Wohlmer

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Ingvild Holm

alien 4 - all star reading
recorded in front of a live audience
at Zoolounge,Oslo 30.09.97.

«68 minutes of pure alien pleasure.»
«ALIEN 4 - All Star Reading» was made as a stunt, and performed during «Read My Lips» -staged readings. The ALIEN 4 manuscript was downloaded from the net, and Ripley’s fourth adventure in space had it’s world premiere at Zoolounge, Oslo. The text was read by invited guests and participants from the audience, and the roles were switched during the performance. «Information» featuring Erik Balke improvised the sound track.

«ALIEN 4 - All Star Reading» was done in a period of four hours and was recorded on a one track DAT recorder. The DATs were later edited to fit the CD-format. The editing was done to give a representative impression of the performance.

Produced by Verdensteatret, Den Danske Konungen Produktioner and BAK-TRUPPEN.
Released on Information Recordings 1998.


Last Updated: 15-Sep-98