Baktruppen is a group of Norwegian artists who enjoy making performances together. It started off in1986 as a theatre project, but soon developed into an artistic wonderland where anything could happen. This has led to an endless row of unpredictable works of varying shapes and qualitiy. You never know what you get from Baktruppen, they say. Still, whatever Baktruppen do, it is always face to face and slightly out of control.

To operate live, and make maximum use of the live situation is crucial. The pieces are not totally finished products when meeting the audience. By keeping the performances unfixed, the live presence becomes more explicit both to the audience and to Baktruppen.

The group are not educated actors, nor dancers, for that matter. Being self-made has forced Baktruppen to constantly do things they are not skilled at, without acting handicapped. By always telling their own stories, physical or technical insufficiency has become incorporated, relevant qualities of the work. Pretending to be something else in another time or space, has never been interesting to Baktruppen, instead the challenge is to project the magic of real life in real situations.

This rough and direct style has become Baktruppen's trade mark, and since the nineties the work has been trendsetting on the European scene of contemporary theatre and performance art. Baktruppen has been called «the founders of ambient theatre», «the founders of party performance», «the water carriers of the avantgarde», and much else of various relevance. At least Baktruppen are the founders of Baktruppen, and there is nothing like it.